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5 Great Entertainment Apps for your Android Device

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Android has grown considerably since its first version was first released over 3 years ago. It’s already competing on equal footing with Apple’s iOS on both smartphones and tablets, and given the more open nature of the system, it’s a much better choice for a lot of people and a lot of use cases.
Of course, no amount of clever marketing would make that possible if the OS itself wouldn’t bring something useful for its users. And Android does deliver – it is very stable, there are a lot of developers working on the new versions and there is a huge collection of apps on the marketplace, over 300,000, most of which provide a useful feature for any kind of purpose. That’s the main beauty of Android (and the phones running it) – it can be adapted to anyone’s needs and for any purpose, from a portable mobile office and Internet device, to a cash register, universal remote, or full-fledged entertainment device.  more...


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