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How To Edit WordPress Themes With Dreamweaver

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WordPress is a well-designed open source platform for blogging, and can be used in conjunction with Dreamweaver for creating and editing WordPress themes.
WordPress is a well-designed, open source platform that has become a popular tool for bloggers due to its simple structure, as well as its ability to separate style from content. This means that you can edit the content of your blog without having to edit the theme and vice versa, making it easy to change the content and the appearance of the blog separately. Although WordPress itself doesn’t offer any built-in coding tools that allow you to make significant changes to a theme, you can use software such as Dreamweaver to create, edit and view WordPress theme files. If you have Dreamweaver, then you have all the tools you need to get started creating and customising your WordPress themes.
Here are some tips for editing your WordPress themes using Dreamweaver. more...


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